Oh, hello there :)

Hello, as you can see here, I reconstucted my journal. I'm gonna post some of my arts, photographs, my ramblings about my life (lol) and of course there are things about all the fandoms that I'm in hahaha
fyi, I didn't delete all of my last post, so you can still see them :)

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#29 #30 Finale Daily Meme

Harooo all
It's me again lol
I'm sorry I haven't update the meme lately and it's late too orz
I've been sick and it's a weird disease lol
worry not, it's not a bad disease or something, but it still weird lol


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#27 #28 Daily Meme


#26 Daily Meme


#24 #25 Daily Meme

It's me in the midnight to very early morning again 8D
as usual, so much assignments to do and freelance work and exams and aaaaaaaaaa
and right now i'm still waiting for my render to finish lol

well then, LET'S DO THE MEMEE~!!!

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#19-23 Daily Meme

It's me again lol
I'm back with meme hohoho
It's been such a hectic month o<--< but well, I'm okay hahaha

now, BACK TO MEMEE~!!!

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#17 #18 Daily Meme

It's me again lol
I'm sorry, I don't do this meme right lately :( Again. it's because I'm busy :'''(
I have mid-term this week and then I have to do my freelance works o<--<
And I made this meme on 4 am in the morning not because I wake up at this hour, but because I haven't sleep yet HAHAHAHAHAHA
but well, as long as my work done LOL

now, BACK TO MEMEE~!!!

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#13 #14 #15 #16 Daily Meme

Long time no see~ hahahaha
Sorry for my absencce for the past 3 days orz
I have to attend an outbound arranged by my campus on the weekend, and if I didn't, they'll cut 10% of my score o<--<
As for yesterday, I was having my mid-term exam.. so... o<--<
BUT! here I am now, doing meme at last hahahaha


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#12 Daily Meme

it's fridaaayyy~ yaayy
but sadly I don't really want the weekend to come, especially this weekend lol
I have to attend an outbound arranged by my campus D: an if I don't, they'll cut 10% of my grade DDD:
but then, time to do the meme~


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